Production:  AGS Entertainment
Cast: Amala Paul, Bobby Simhaa, Prasanna
Story-Screenplay-Direction: Susi Ganeshan
Music and BGM score: Vidyasagar


After the success of the nail-biting prequel, Susi Ganesan is back with this sequel after 11 years which could be referred as a justifying cyber crime thriller filled with satisfying mystical knots.

Thiruttu payale 2, as the title states, is considered for both the Protagonist and antagonist as the duo play the black games in their own way.

The 2 and half hour movie consists of numerous awareness messages regarding the unavoidable social media life of the current generation.


Selvam (Bobby Simha) is an “honest corrupt” police officer who has been secretly appointed for EavesDropping inside the department circle.

He misuses his authority for money trafficking. He is shattered when he comes to know that his wife Agalvilakku  (Amala Paul) is being threatened by a motivational Cyber Hacker in his out of bounds attempt to trap personal calls.

The rest of the story is a cat and mouse chase between the duo with a brilliant climax.


Alike the sequel, susi has proved his brilliance in the screenplay with enough detailing level and logical mysteries.

The play becomes intense in the 2nd half and moves towards the climax in a gradual flow. Many realistic incidents and logical segments make the play interesting.

Bobby Simha has done well within his provided space but it would be better if he focuses on his appearance and emotion delivery. Amala Paul Sizzles in her role and has managed on both Exposure and Performance.

Prasanna plays the antagonist who wears the skin of his character and his characterization is well scripted. His clear-cut physique and casual looks make justice to the role along with his neat performance.

The confrontation between the duo was missing which could have been concentrated. The song numbers and BGM by Vidyasagar were of a mediocre type and we have 2 romantic numbers visually rich. The technical elements were applicable to the story.


  • Well etched narration
  • Engaging screenplay
  • Brilliant climax
  • Performance of Amala Paul and Prasanna


  • Few needless sequences affecting the flow of the play
  • Song numbers and BGM
  • Variation in the characterization of the protagonist


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