Velaikkaran movie review


Production: 24 AM Studios, RD Raja
Cast: Sivakarthikeyan, Fahadh Faasil, Nayanthara, Prakash Raj, Robo Shankar, Rohini, Sathish, Sharath Lohitashwa, Sneha, Thambi Ramiah,
Direction: Mohan Raja
Story and Screenplay: Mohan Raja, Subha
Music and BGM score: Anirudh Ravichander


All eyes craved for this venture when it was officially announced that Mohan Raja is to direct Sivakarthikeyan after his breakthrough blockbuster Thani Oruvan (2015). Stakes were high for the movie as Sivakarthikeyan joined the 100 Crore collection club with his previous venture.

It would be very apt to say that both have teamed up to deliver a very essential social drama with vast casting level and sensational story plot. Through this flick, Mohan Raja has attempted to become a star’s choice and Siva has already turned a producer’s choice mainly for his fan base.

In fact, 24 AM banner’s second movie with Siva after Remo turns out to be a dashing hit. As you can see, Sivakarthikeyan’s fanbase has grown many folds within this short span of time and this movie is the concrete proof of that.


Arivu (Sivakarthikeyan) is a lower-middle-class guy who lives in an underdeveloped slum. He strives for the advancement, progress of the slum and its people’s lifestyle who are under the control of a local gangster Kasi (Prakash Raj) by establishing a social radio.

Later he sets out for a marketing job where he realises that he is being part of a big corporate crime. Now his focus shifts towards opposing it in a strategical way. The rest forms the cat and mouse game between the protagonist Vs the Corporates. Mrinalini ( Nayantara) and the other supporting characters help him in his task.


This socio awareness venture shines in its own unique segments and varied making with a gripping screenplay. In spite of being little lengthy, what hooks up the audience is the fairly unpredictable screenplay with pitch-perfect casting level and precise detailing level handled in an engaging manner.

Mohan Raja’s touch has been witnessed in few places and little of Thani Oruvan’s essence is felt at times. The screenplay contains few mystery knots and the maker deserves an applause for untying it at the right justifying sequences.

Dialogues by Subha are really hard hitting and plants awareness about the dark corporates and the emerging Walmarts. Moreover detailing level about the marketing was never showcased in such an understandable way.

Kudos to Mohan Raja and Subha’s guts for bringing up such a sensitive and sensational storyplot. Now the casting is the secondary part where the maker has registered his brilliance. Siva undoubtedly has been an accessory of the maker. Nayan comparatively has very less to do and has been roped into the script only for her market value.

Other numerous supporting characters have done a very neat job, notably Rohini, Thambi Ramiah , Sneha, Vasanth and Prakash Raj who help in navigating the play.

Fahad Fazil could indeed be referred as the perfect choice for the antagonist in this story. His natural performance and ambitional characterisation sketch with justifying appearance makes him flawless. He has met with expectations very gradually. Sathish plays cameo and registers his role in the given time.

The movie is technically rich where cinematography , editing and song visuals stand at great heights with a beautiful outcome. BGM and song numbers by Anirudh are appreciable mainly Karuthavanlam galeejam number was foot tapping and had splendid visuals.


  • Star-studded cast
  • Detailing level
  • Gripping screenplay
  • Performance of the casts
  • Stereotype breaking Climax


  • Narration could have been focused
  • Quite lengthy
  • Essence of the maker’s previous flick
  • Interrupting duet
  • Impact-less love portions


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